Automobile Licensing and Insurance

Out-of-state auto plates are honored until their expiration date; however, if you are in business, employed here, or have children in Florida public schools, you must secure Florida plates immediately. Plates are issued on the owner’s birthday and are renewed annually. You must secure a Florida Title Certificate in addition to your registration and license tag.

A Florida driver’s license must be secured within 30 days if you become a resident, take employment, or place children in a Florida public school. Renewal and re-examination notices are mailed by the State Division of Driver’s Licenses in Tallahassee. Compulsory no-fault insurance is required on all private passenger motor vehicles registered and licensed in Florida and on automobiles of non-residents which have been physically in the state for more than 90 days.

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Boat Registration

Boat registration and title certificates are obtained by filing an application with the Highlands County Tax Collector’s office or with the county where the boat is located. You will need to bring with you a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin or its equivalent to be submitted along with a registration fee based on the type of boat being registered. For fee information, call the tax collector’s office. In Highlands County, call 863-402-6685.

If you are buying a new boat or transferring ownership, the new owner has a 30-day grace period in which to apply for registration and title or a transfer of registration. During the 30-day period, however, you must have proof of date of purchase aboard your boat.
Operation of an unregistered boat 30 days after purchase is a second-degree misdemeanor.

If sales tax on the purchase price has not been paid or not paid in an amount equal to or greater than local sales tax, this payment will be required when you’re making application for registration and titling.

Regulations require that the registration certificate is on board the boat whenever it’s in operation.

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Fishing Licenses

A separate license is required for fishing in saltwater and freshwater for residents between the ages of 15 and 65. To qualify for a resident’s license. The applicant must present one of the following:

Florida resident drivers license
Florida voter registration card
Proof of homestead qualification
Visitors can obtain temporary licenses
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