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The Greater Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce is your local business partner. Through building a solid relationship with the community and its’ members over the years, we have found that through working together, it helps our community work better.

What is YOUR Chamber of Commerce?

  1. We are a not-for-profit corporation.
  2. We are a 501(c)(6) business association.
  3. We are defined by people’s perceptions of our past successes, our current programs and our ability to prepare for the future.
  4. We are an association of and for businesses, professionals, organizations and individuals.
  5. We are supported by member-investors.
  6. We encourage a cooperative effort of all members, working together for the common benefit of our community.
  7. We provide a forum for legislative issues and government concerns.
  8. We provide opportunities for members to share, plan, and work with other business leaders and individuals to achieve success.
  9. We assist in coordinating the efforts of all our members and their investment of time, skills and financial support.

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Benefits of Joining The Chamber

This is a difficult question to answer directly as there are many intangibles involved; however, by becoming a member you are displaying your belief in our community and making a commitment to promote such activities as:

Referrals: We assist and provide vacationers, visitors and newcomers with information about our area.  On a daily basis, the Chamber receives requests for information on a myriad of services, products, and activities.  In response, the Chamber only refers people and businesses to Chamber members.

Publicity & Exposure: The Chamber provides opportunities for publicity and exposure in many ways.  There is no charge for placing your business cards and brochures in our racks.  There is no charge for being listed in the business directory on our Web-site–a site which is visited over 16,000 times each month–and which provides a free link to your own Website and/or E-mail address.  There is no charge for being listed in our Chamber Directory (which is carried away by nearly every visitor to the Chamber).  There are opportunities for visibility in our monthly newsletter, which included a “Member to Member” discount program and “spotlight” articles…again, at no cost to you.

Low-cost Promotional & Advertising Opportunities:  Any member may hold a mixer to promote their business and network with other Chamber members.  Every year, there are sponsorship opportunities available to members; sponsors receive recognition for these events in all Chamber advertising and promotional activities as well as at the sponsored event.  These well-attended events that may be sponsored include our Membership Luncheons, our Annual Banquet, our Bass Tournament, our Golf Tournament, our annual Car Show, and several other events throughout the year.  Newsletter advertising is available in the form of various size ads in the newsletter itself, or as an insert…and this reaches over 500 members every month!  Promote the opening, expansion, or relocation of your business with an official Chamber sponsored ribbon cutting or groundbreaking ceremony.

Networking Opportunities: Members are invited to all Lake Placid and Tri-County Mixers.  There is a monthly membership luncheon.  Participation on committees and project teams provides great opportunity to work with others in small groups and to have an impact on events and projects in your community.  In conjunction with the Lake Placid Merchant’s Association, the Chamber provides opportunities to share business concerns and promotional activities with others in the area.

New Business Contacts: The Chamber serves as an up-to-date information center for new business development and issues.

Business & Community Updates: The Chamber serves as a resource center for up-to-date information for new business development and issues.  In concert with Keep Lake Placid Beautiful, information is available about the ongoing upgrading and beautification of our town.

Educational Opportunity & Professional Development: On-going programs cover major business interests, and provide excellent sources for staying current on business issues.

Leadership Development: Chamber committees and project teams provide business leaders with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as learn from other experienced leaders.  We are continually improving and expanding our programs and resources

Have questions, we are here to answer them. 

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